SUMMER  COURSE   OUTLINE                          


Location : M 3084                   Time : MTWTh (10.45-12.45pm)


Instructor : OLU. A. OGUNSANWO, Ph.D.

Office : M  3115                   Office Hours : TW (12.45-1.15pm)      

Voice Mail: (301) 322-0431        E-mail :


Text : Kennedy, X.J.; Kennedy, Dorothy M. and Holladay, Sylvia A.

                     The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader and  

                    Research Manual, Bedford/St Martins, 2003

Any good Dictionary.



By reading, discussing and writing about current events and essays, our

goal is to sharpen your writing skills and to help you see how to be your

own best editor. We shall make the most of your writing strengths and

explore your thoughts on paper. We shall be examining and learning

when and how to use particular grammatical  elements, how to find and

document research source material and how to use particular rhetorical

strategies to advantage in getting your ideas across to others on paper.

At the end of the Course, you should be able to write orderly and well

focused essays in Standard Written English with complex theses

supported by appropriate reasoning and citations. By mastering the principles we explore in this Class, you will be ready to confidently handle whatever kind of writing College throws at you ! 



I can guide you to become a more successful College writer, but you

must commit yourself to this Class in the following ways :-



Timeliness : Come to class regularly and on time, turn in all assignments

when they are due and keep up with the readings (which is quite a lot).

I will count you absent if you are more than 15 minutes late for class.

(Latecomers miss handouts and quizzes and they disrupt the class.)

Attendance : This is vital to your success. In-class exercises (which cannot be made up) will help you practice your writing and give you valuable feedback. If you miss 25% of our classes, you will fail the Course.

You may have excused absence (with documentation – doctor’s note, etc.)

You are responsible for all homework, whether you are in class the day it is assigned or not. It is wise, therefore, to get the phone number of a class member to find out what is due, if you must be absent.

Comportment : Learning is enhanced by mutual respect and cooperation. Behavior that prevents other students from learning and/or threatens

anyone in class will not be tolerated. You may be barred from attending class and even suspended from the College. If your behavior causes you to be barred from attending class, all work missed will be recorded as zeroes. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, loud talking and socializing during class. Please keep away your cell phones from class because no beep will be tolerated as it is distracting.

Items in Class : The use of tape recorders is not allowed in class without

permission. Also, do not bring into class and food item, drink(s), gums, etc. No smoking is allowed in any building on the campus.



Your final grade will be based on the following criteria:-

Research Paper                 25%                       Overall Grade

Essays (4)                         40%                      A : 89.5 - 100%

Exercises/Tests                30%                      B  : 79.5 –  89%

Attendance/Participation    5%                      C  : 69.5 -  79%

              TOTAL              100%                      D  : 59.5 -  69%

                                                                     F  -  0    -  59%





You will be doing five major papers, viz. (1)an Observation paper,

(2)  a Compare and Contrast paper, (3) a Cause and Effect  paper, (4) an Argument  paper and (5) the Research Paper.  I have to approve your research topic and you must follow the guideline  given separately to you.



I  accept no late papers and I accept no final papers without reviewed drafts attached.  All papers must be typed double-spaced and turned in as directed. Because the Research Paper is a Course requirement, you will

fail the Course if you do not turn this Paper in or if you do not consult

as directed. I have the right to require you to do alternative writing

assignment if I believe that you have plagiarized a paper.
























                         COURSE   SYLLABUS


Assignments for a given day are to be done before coming to Class. Your

Instructor may supplement the assignments below with quizzes, additional readings or grammar and punctuation exercises. Your Instructor may also change or amend the Syllabus based on the needs of the Class.



Monday      Introduction to the Course and Writing Process.

June  2       Diagnostic Writing in Class.



Tuesday     Sources of Information : The Spoken Word

June  3       Guide, pp 385-391: Tan, Mother Tongue

                  Class Discussion : Questions to Start You Thinking # 1,3;

                  Journal Prompts # 1,2  (Guide, pp 389-390)

                  Where does Tan use direct and indirect discourse ?

                  Guide, pp.65-80 : Chapter 6 – Interviewing a Subject.


Wednesday ESSAY # 1 ASSIGNED – Interview with primary sources. Choose

June  4        from Other Assignments #1, 2 or 3 (Guide, p.79) .

                   Correct attribution  of sources and punctuation of direct and

                   Indirect discourse is essential. Minimum length is 500 words.

                   Class activity : brainstorming interview sources and


                   Guide, pp.260-270 : Chapter 16 – Strategies for Generating   






Thursday    Class Activity : Brainstorming on Exercise – Guide, p.268.

 June  5      Students present their drafts.

                  Grammar refresher on Sentence Fragments.





Monday     Developing a Working Thesis and Tentative

June  9                     Organization. (Guide, pp.271-284) Chapter 17 :

                    Strategies for Planning.

                    Introduction to the Research Paper

                    Guide, pp. 601-614  : A Sample Research Paper. 

                    Guide, pp. 285-299  : Strategies for Drafting.


Tuesday       Guide, pp. 300-318 : Chapter 19 – Strategies for Developing

June 10        Grammar  Test  :  Subject/Verb Agreement.



Wednesday  Guide, pp. 173-189 , Chapter 12 : Reading Critically.

 June 11       Have answers for Questions to Start You Thinking, p. 176,

                   Class activity : practice identifying types of evidence and

                   Appeals in Grecian, Why Men Fear Women’s Teams.


Thursday    Using materials from your reading.

June  12     Guide, pp. 437-441 : Wade – How Men and Women Think.

                  Have answers ready for Wade : Questions to Start You

                  Thinking, #1,2,3.

                 Class Activity : Practice quoting, summarizing and     

                 Paragraphing using Wade’s article.








Monday     Guide, pp. 312-314, : Chapter 19 – Analyzing

June  16    Class Activity : Analyze an advertisement brought to Class by

                 your Instructor, dividing it into its basic parts or elements to

                 explain the purpose or function. Also analyze the types of

                 appeals, fallacies and language being used.

                 ESSAY  #2 ASSIGNED. Analyze and compare two ads for the

                 same category of products (for example, cars, personal

                 grooming products, cereal, vitamins/supplements/medicines,

                 beverages, fast food restaurants, etc.)  aimed at two  different

                 groups (for example, men and women, children and adults,

                 young adults and  older adults) or analyze and compare two

                 ads for the same type of product that are aimed at the same

                 audience. Your essay should be at least 500 words.


Tuesday    Writing from Multiple Sources

June  17    Library Instruction : Finding print and electronic sources in

                 Accokeek Library



Wednesday Guide, pp. 100-116 : Chapter 8 – Explaining Causes and

June  18      Effects.  Questions to Start You Thinking, 1-7.

                   ESSAY # 3 ASSIGNED – Other Assignments #1 or #3 (p.115).

                   For this Paper use two sources in addition to yourself.

                   At least one of them must be a print source. This essay must

                   be at least 600 words long and include in-text citations in

                   MLA format for all information from sources.







Thursday    Library research day for cause/effect information. Roll will

June  19     taken.  Practice with in-text citations.

                  Guide, pp. 404-410 : Coontz - Remarriage and Stepfamilies.





Monday     Researching Problems and Solutions.

June  23    Guide, pp. 138-157 : Chapter 10 – Proposing a Solution;

                                                : Planning, Drafting and Developing.  

                 You will extend and build on the research and writing you

                 have already done. If you wrote about a change in your cause/

                 effect essay, identify an important problem that has arisen

                 from that change, research it and propose a feasible solution.

                 If you wrote about a contemporary problem in your cause/

                 effect essay, research that problem further and propose a

                 feasible solution.

                 ESSAY  #4  ASSIGNED – Argumentation Paper. Essay should be

                 at least  600 words long.


Tuesday    Introduction to Argumentation : Audience Analysis.

June  24    Guide, pp.117-130 : Chapter 9 – Taking a Stand.

                 Class Activity : identifying and analyzing the opposition.



Wednesday Answering Research Questions.

June  25     Library research for print information on problem/solution


                  Guide, pp.546-569 : Chapter 29 – Finding Sources.

                                                 : Chapter 30 – Evaluating Sources.





Thursday   MLA Documentation Form

June  26    Guide, pp.616-630 : Documenting Sources, MLA Style.

                 Bring to Class a preliminary bibliography (list of sources) in

                 Correct MLA format for discussion.





Monday    Individual Conferences. Bring your working draft and

June  30   Bibliography and photocopies or printouts of research

                materials to Class.



Tuesday   Guide, pp.134-137 : Recognizing Logical Fallacies.

July  1      Writing Research abstract.




Wednesday Grammar  Test.              

July  2         Research Paper due.



Thursday    Last Class meeting.

July  3