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CJT 152- Police Operations



Instructor:                     Mr. Orlando Barnes    

Office phone:                301-772-4777


Office hours:                 By Appointment          

Textbook:                     Thomas F. Adams, “Police Field Operations,” Sixth Edition      

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:

Describe the tactics and techniques in becoming an effective patrol officer.
Explain the guidelines for handling various situations encountered by field officers.
Describe the legal aspects of given police practices.
Identify the importance for encouraging citizen cooperation in enforcement efforts.
Identify means of survival under normal and abnormal police field work.


Failure to complete tasks on time

If a student fails to complete a required assignment by its due date, the student will not receive full credit for that assignment.  The instructor will evaluate the totality of the circumstances and determine if a make-up assignment/exam is warranted. 


If a make-up assignment/examination is granted, and an emergency did not require missing the examination, the highest possible score that the student can receive will be reduced by ten percent (10%) for each day the assignment is tardy.    



Your grade will be based on the completion of assignments, midterm examination, research paper, and final examination.  The 100 points for the course are awarded as follows:

30% – Discussion Board/Conference Assignments

20% - Quizzes 

25% - Midterm Examination

25% - Final Examination

A = 90 – 100; B = 80-89; C = 70-79; D = 60‑69; F = 0-59.



Course Outline

Here is a tentative course schedule.   Closure of the college will not affect the due date of on-line assignments.  If the College is closed on a date when attendance at the College is mandatory, a make-up date will be scheduled.  Each week, announcements, assignments, and quizzes may be posted.  It is imperative that the student log into the online site at least 3 times a week to maintain current. 


Learning Unit



Chapter 1 – Introduction to Field Operations


Chapter 2- Community Policing


Chapter 3 – Observation and Perception



Chapter 4 – Police Communications


Chapter 5 – Basic Field Procedures


Chapter 6 – Frequently Handled Assignments


Chapter 7 – Traffic Direction and Enforcement


Midterm Examination (CHAPTERS 1-7)


Chapter 8 – Unusual Occurrences


Chapter 9 – Crimes in Progress


Chapter 10 – Preliminary Investigations



Chapter 11 – Interviewing Techniques


Chapter 12 – Arrest, Search, Custody, and Use of Force


Chapter 13 – Reporting and Records 


Chapter 14 – Officer Survival and Stress Reduction




Mail address

Mail can be directed to: Orlando Barnes, P.O. Box 327, Cheltenham, Maryland 20623.

Student Handbook

The Prince George’s Community College Student Handbook contains official policies and procedures regarding student conduct, academic integrity, and related matters. You are responsible for conducting yourself in accordance with those policies. The Student Handbook also contains a wealth of information designed to help students achieve success. Please pick up your free copy from the College Life Office in the Largo Student Center (near the bookstore).