Online Express - Summary Sheet
For Courses To Be Delivered
In Fall 2002


Create a college-wide process that will be sustainable over the two-year period required for the development of all courses necessary to complete an online degree option. Courses will be developed by individual faculty members and by faculty teams, as determined by the Vice President for Instruction. Emphasis will be placed on developing high quality course materials that meet or exceed the learning objectives established by the Division or department.


To systematically develop academically rigorous interactive online courses, create Online Express to train full-time and part-time instructors who wish to adapt an existing course for online delivery during Spring 2002. This project will target three types of course development:

Web-based Course: Fully online courses developed using Front Page and Blackboard. Equivalent to 6 ECH per faculty developer for training and development; 3 ECH for online course development only.
Shared Course: Single course developed by a team of three faculty developers. Equivalent to 3 ECH for each faculty team member. These courses will be designed to be delivered by multiple instructors.
TeleWeb Course: Existing telecourse to which a faculty developer will add a substantial Web component using Blackboard and/or Front Page. Equivalent to 3 ECH per faculty developer.

Planning and Implementation:

Admininstration: Oliver Hansen, Mary Wells, Sheilah Belkin, Ed Cruz, and Marjani Kane-Morris

Faculty Consultant: Selected by Vice President for Instruction

Instructional Support Workgroup (as needed): Technology Resource Center, Faculty Fellows (Drew Habermacher, Margo Chaires), Alan Mickelson, librarian, Testing and Tutoring, Records Office, Advising

Technology Workgroup: Information Technology Division, Web Master


Attend an orientation session on Tuesday, Jan 22, from 1 4 pm.
Attend 10 scheduled two-hour training sessions during the Spring semester 2002 from 2:15 4:15 pm on February 7, 14, 21, 28; March 7, 14; April 4, 11, 25; May 2.
Attend a workshop on Wednesday, May 30, from 1 4 pm (tentative date).