August 20, 2002

Dear Principles of Microeconomics OnLine Student,

Welcome to Principles of Microeconomics on the Web. I hope you find the course interesting and stimulating. Read this letter carefully.

There is no mandatory on-campus orientation for this course. All orientation materials are on the Internet. The only required trips to campus are to purchase your textbook package and to take the final exam in May. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call me (301-322-0477) or send me an email at Your first stop should be at my home page:


From my home page, click on "ECN OnLine" to get orientation materials and other relevant course information. You should begin by reading the "Greeting" page,"Survival Tips",  and the "Syllabus and General Course Information" page.

Required Software:

You must be connected to the Internet.  Your browser must be:

            *   Netscape Communicator Version 4.x   OR
            *   Internet Explorer Version 4.x

You need to have the following personal productivity software installed on your computer:

            *   Office 97, especially WORD and EXCEL

Course Materials

The "class" will be accessed at .  The course does not begin until August 26. You will not be able to access the course materials until August 22.  You will be assigned a user name an initial password to enter the class.  To login, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Prince George's Community College's Blackboard site at
2. Click on the button labeled Login.

3. You will see a dialogue box that asks you to enter your username and password.

Your username will be:  (first initial of first name)( first 3 initials of last name) (your birth month expressed as two digits; if your birthday is in March, it would be entered as 03) (your birth date expressed as two digits; if your birth date is on the first of the month, it would be entered as 01).  

Use only lowercase to enter your username; use NO spaces.

For example, if your name is John Smith and your birthday is April 8, your username will be


Your password will be:  your full 9-digit Social Security Number (no spaces, no hyphens)

For example, John Smith’s password will be 


4. If your login is successful, you will see the Blackboard “Welcome” screen.   In the box labeled “My Courses”, you will see the course or a list of courses in which you are enrolled.  Click on the course name to enter your Blackboard course.

The College recommends that you immediately change your password.   To change your Blackboard password, follow these steps:

1. Login to Blackboard using your given username and password.

2. From YOUR Blackboard Welcome page (you will see WELCOME, ___! In bold letters at the top of this page),  click on Personal Information in the Tools Box on the left side.

3. Click on Change Password

4. Fill in the requested information.  You can change your password to any combination of numbers and letters.  Blackboard is extremely  case-sensitive so use only lowercase letters.

5. Click the Submit button in the lower right corner.

6. Write down your username and password information so you can refer to it if you forget. 

Go into Assignments and click on First Week To-Do list to get started.

You may also look at the McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center by going to the following site:


I am looking forward to meeting each of you online.

Have a great semester,
Dr. Marilyn Pugh, Professor of Economics
Prince George's Community College