January 12, 2001

Dear Principles of Microeconomics OnLine Student,

Welcome to Principles of Microeconomics on the Web. I hope you find the course interesting and stimulating. Read this letter carefully.

I am your professor for this course, although, I do less professing and more facilitating in the online environment than in your traditional face-to-face classes.  This class is being offered through the Maryland Community College Teleconsortium (MCCT).  I am a professor at Prince George's Community College, however, there will be students in the class from Prince George's, Anne Arundel Community College and Garrett Community College.

There is no on-campus orientation for this course. All orientation materials are on the Internet. The only required trips to campus are to purchase your textbook package and to take the final exam in May. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call me (301-322-0477) or send me an email at pughmb@pgcc.edu. Your first stop should be at my home page:


From my home page, click on "ECN Online" to get orientation materials and other relevant course information. You should begin by reading the "Greeting" page,"Survival Tips",  and the "Syllabus and General Course Information" page.  In the Syllabus you will find out how to logon to Blackboard 5. 

You may find out more about me by clicking the "BIO" button.

The "class" will be accessed at http://pgcconline.blackboard.com .  The course does not begin until January 25 and you will not be able to access the course materials until January 22. 

You may, however, buy your textbooks and look at the McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center by going to the following site:


Required Software:

You must be connected to the internet.  Your browser must be:

            *   Netscape Communicator Version 4.x   OR
            *   Internet Explorer Version 4.x

You need to have the following personal productivity software installed on your computer:

            *   Office 97, especially WORD and EXCEL

I am looking forward to "meeting" each of you online and working with you in the coming semester.

Have a great semester,
Dr. Marilyn Pugh, Professor of Economics
Prince George's Community College