Hello and Welcome to
Principles of Microeconomics -- OnLine!

This voyage into the cyberspace classroom is an exciting new adventure for many of you.  You will find our virtual classroom very different from the traditional face-to-face classroom to which we are accustomed.  There will be no teacher giving lectures in this classroom.  My job is to help you direct and organize your learning, facilitate the process and provide activities that promote your learning.  I am the "guide on the side."  Your job will be to teach yourself economic theory with my help and with the help of the other members of our learning community.

Because you must teach yourself with the help of the community, it is very important that you connect with your classmates and interact with them often and in meaningful ways.  This interaction will happen via e-mail, in the Discussion Board that will be open 24 hours a day, in study group chatrooms and in conference areas.  This interaction will be facilitated by activities the first few weeks of class that help establish a network of people with whom you can interact and that gradually increase your cyber-competence. And, of course, I am here to help you and encourage you on your journey.

There are some helpful preparations you can do immediately to ensure that your voyage is as smooth as possible.

1.  Familiarize yourself with the Blackboard web course management system by going to:


2.  Explore our classroom.  You may want to re-read the orientation letter to remind you how to log in. Can you find your classmates?  Why don't you meet a few of them?  Do you see how to send them e-mails?

3.  Read the Survival Tips.