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Here are some great documents that you can use to map your way to great success in math!


Do you have problems with poor study habits?   Is procrastination your problem?



Math Tip:  A great off-line item for math


A cool math spiral notebook to buy at Office Depot:  Mead Math Notebook

 It contains graph paper, useful math information, abbreviations, formulas, multiplication table, conversion factors, geometer tool, and more!

Check out the Purple Math website for some down-to-earth explanations for algebra students!!   It is awesome!!  You can find some great stuff to help you with word problems on this site. 


Cool Math

 Cool Math - Algebra

Time Management

Requirement of Mr. Speier.



Addison-Wesley’s Alternative website for CourseCompass tutorial:



The World of Math Online:



Multiplication Table:



Super Glossary of Math Words:



Geometry Glossary:



Strategy for Operations with Signed Numbers, both Integers and Fractions:



Multiplying and Dividing Fractions:



Subtracting Integers:



Distributive Law:



Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages:



Order of Operations:




Squares and Square Roots