Planning for Academic Success (PAS)
 Course Descriptions
Course Name Course Description
Principles & Strategies of Successful Learning


An introduction to knowledge and strategies designed to promote success in the college environment.  The course focuses on developing 1) interpersonal and self-management skills and attitudes and 2) critical thinking and study skills needed to achieve academic success.  Students will acquire a working/practical knowledge of the college’s resources, services, procedures, and requirements.  Self-assessments serve as tools to identify values and goals for individual life planning and academic achievement.

Co-requisite: DVR 0061

PAS 1010 Syllabus

Math Study Skills


This course is designed for those individuals who want to improve their attitude toward mathematics.  It will allow students to explore their feelings about math and help them to develop strategies to overcome math phobia.  Emphasis will be placed on visual, numeric, and symbolic approaches to problem solving.  This course is open to all students at all levels of mathematical skills, whether preparing for a job, college level math courses, taking math tests, or living in a world where numbers matter.

Co-requisite: Any developmental math course or MAT 1040.

PAS 1030 Syllabus