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Marlboro Individualized Learning Lab
Prince George's Community College
Marlboro Hall 2129
301 Largo Road
Largo, Maryland 20774


"The mission of the Marlboro Individualized Learning Labs is to help students become independent and active learners and to achieve academic success. Students are the central focus of the labs, and we are responsive to their individual needs."




The Marlboro Individualized Learning Lab at Prince George's Community College provides extensive resources for students and faculty.  Our labs are located at the Largo campus and at the University Town Center.  We offer convenient hours to help you improve your reading, writing and math skills.

Student getting tutored.We create a setting in which students find positive role models and mentors.  We help students become competent and comfortable in their content areas.  We provide group tutoring as well as guided study groups in a variety of subject areas for the Learning Foundations classes. Our free tutoring services are provided by our talented tutoring staff composed of instructors, professional tutors, and peer tutors. Please see our tutoring schedules for specific availability. Also, faculty are invited and encouraged to visit the Learning Lab on each campus.


Computer Labs & Computer Classrooms

At our computer labs, you can communicate with your teachers, write a paper, work on projects, or study on your own with our extensive software and tutorial offerings. For faculty, we also offer computer classrooms that can be reserved as needed or for the whole semester.

Workshops & Additional Resources

Student reading/studying.We also offer several workshops that target specific needs of our students, faculty, staff, and community. Take a look at our workshops and their availability.