Developmental english & reading Course Descriptions
Course Name Course Description
Fundamental Learning Skills

Preparation for DVE-0011.

This course helps students write different types of clear, concise sentences and coherent paragraphs. It emphasizes basic sentence structure and includes practice in subjects and verbs, fragments and run-on sentences, and sequence of tenses.  Four Equivalent Hours (EHs) awarded for successful completion.

DLS 0031 Syllabus

Developmental Composition


This course is designed to improve your basic English skills and to familiarize you with the fundamental principles of written communication. The course deals with two major areas: grammar and writing. Emphasis will be placed on writing a clear, effective paragraph and on the correction of individual weaknesses in sentence structure, grammar, and usage.  Four Equivalent Hours (EHs) awarded for successful completion.

DVE 0011 Syllabus

Developmental Reading



This course develops basic reading skills including vocabulary, comprehension and study skills. It emphasizes using phonics and structure to analyze unfamiliar words, acquiring general vocabulary through context clues and affixes, and comprehending sentences and paragraphs through main ideas, details, inferences and fact and opinion.

Four credit hour load equivalent. Four Equivalent Hours (EHs) awarded for successful completion.

DVR 0051 Syllabus

College Reading & Study Skills



This course improves students’ skills in vocabulary, comprehension and studying. Application of these skills will enable a student to more effectively and efficiently read his/her college textbooks. Topics include topic, main idea, details, writing patterns, critical reading and note taking.

Four credit hour load equivalent.  Four Equivalent Hours (EHs) awarded for successful completion.

DVR 0061 Syllabus


Advanced College Reading & Study Skills



DVR- 0071  

10 sessions/20 hours

Prerequisite: Accuplacer Reading Score of 70-78.

This fast-pace course emphasizes mastery of the comprehension, vocabulary, and study skills needed to efficiently read college textbooks. Topics include critical reading, critical thinking, summarizing, and paraphrasing. Successful completion of the course meets the reading proficiency level for credit courses. Students will be able to enroll in credit courses with the reading prerequisites. Students who fail the course must enroll in DVR 0061.

DVR 0071 Syllabus