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Dear Online Student:

I am confident that you will enjoy taking this course in this exciting new online environment. Taking classes online allows you to be in class (cyber-class, that is) anytime of the day or night that is convenient for you. Online classes allow you to study and learn in the comfort of your own home. There is only one required trip to the Prince George's Community College campus...that is to purchase your textbook. After that you do everything from the computer most convenient to you.

Your e-learning (electronic learning) experience in this course will take place in a web course management system called BLACKBOARD. The system is easy to use and maneuver around in. To assure your comfort in the BLACKBOARD environment, part of your first week's assignment will be to learn how to maneuver around in this cyber-classroom. You will find a full explanation for this assignment in the area of BLACKBOARD.  Also, to make up for not being in class with other students you will introduce yourself online in the Student Cyber Lounge. How to do this will also be explained in the area in BLACKBOARD.

During your e-learning experience in this course you will have easy access to me by telephone and e-mail.  If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to call me at 301-322-0714 or e-mail me at mosbymx@pgcc.edu.  Once the course begins you can access this information at any time from within BLACKBOARD by clicking on .  I check my e-mail daily, so you should get a fairly quick response. And yes, I do check my e-mail during the times the college is closed, but I usually do not check telephone messages when the college is closed. The quickest way to contact me is probably by e-mail.

How To Get Started

You will be able to access course materials on the first day of classes. To get to the course on the first day of class, use the following steps:

(1)  Enter the URL for the course:  http://pgcconline.blackboard.com

(2)  Click on  Login when you see the BLACKBOARD 6 web site open.

(3)  Enter your User Name.  This consists of the first initial of your first name and the first 3 letters of your last name, your birth month expressed as two digits and your birthday expressed as two digits, all in lower case letters. (For example, if your name were Mary Smith and your birthday is April 8, your user name will be:  msmi0408.)

(4)  Enter your Password, which is your full Social Security number (no spaces and no hyphens) For example, Mary Smith's password will be 123456789.

(5)Then click on Login.   Note: The College recommends that you immediately change your password  after you log onto BLACKBOARD. See #8 for instructions on how to do this.

(6) Under the heading My Courses, and under that, Courses in which you are enrolled, click on the Introduction To Marketing link.

(7)  Once the course opens you will see the buttons on the left which will take you to the different areas of the course. Usually the course opens to the ANNOUNCEMENTS page. If it does not click on located in the column to the left side of the screen and follow the directions. As the weeks go by you can click on the tabs labeled View Today /View Last 7 days / View Last 30 days / View All to check for announcements you may have missed, or to just view past announcements to make sure you are current with everything happening in the class.

(8) To change your password click on , then Personal Information, then Change Password. Follow the instructions.

Blackboard 6:

Our web course management system will be Blackboard 6.  Although you cannot access the course materials until the first day of classes, you can access information about Blackboard 6 and take a self-guided, self-paced tour.

(1)  Go to:  http://www.blackboard.com.

(2)  Click on "Introducing Blackboard 6".

(3)  Click on "Demo" under Infrastructure Products.

(4)  Read the Demo page and click on "Click here to begin".  Be sure that your speakers are turned on.

Policy For Sending Me E-mail
(which you can easily do from within BLACKBOARD by clicking on :

I will be receiving an enormous amount of email, so it is imperative that you use the following guidelines when sending me e-mail:  

(1)  In the Subject Area, enter MKG 251 Online and clearly identify the topic of your e-mail.  For example:

       MKG 251 Online:  question about.......................................;
       MKG 251 Online:  comment about......................................;
       MKG 251 Online:  homework assignment...........................;
       MKG 251 Online:  project.....................................................

(2)  Please send me an e-mail from the account that you will use for this course.  Send your e-mail to mosbymx@pgcc.edu

Have an exciting and successful semester!

Milledge J. Mosby,  Professor                          

P.S.  Keep Your Classmates and Me Informed about changes in your e-mail address.  We cannot stay in touch with you or learn from you if you are not available.

        Establish an E-mail List of Classmates.  This way you can easily send messages without having to log onto BLACKBOARDKeep in touch with your classmates and with me!

        Don't Drop the Course Without Talking to Me First.  Together we may be able to find a solution to whatever is challenging your successful completion of this course.

        Print and Keep as a Reference Any Pages of Instruction That May Be of Use to You.  This will help you avoid the frustration of having to search for the information or of having to wait for a response from your classmates or me!  You might begin by printing this letter.

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