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The purpose of this chart is to give you a single place to see the whole semester at a glance for chapter assignments, exam dates, and what chapters are covered by the exams. For a complete view of all the assignments due each week go to the Weekly folders under ASSIGNMENT.




Chapter Topic

Week 1


Becoming familiar with the Blackboard 6 environment. Introduce yourself online. Meet your classmates online in the Cyber Lounge and Discussion Board.

Chapter 1

Marketing: Creating Satisfaction Through Customer Relationships, Pg. 2

Week 2

Chapter 2

Strategic Planning and The Marketing Process, Pg. 38

Week 3


Creating an Effective Marketing Plan

Chapter 3

The Marketing Environment, Ethics, and Social Responsibility, Pg. 76

Week 4

Chapter 4

E-Commerce: Marketing in the Digital Age, Pg. 114

Week 5

Chapter 5

Consumer Behavior, Pg. 156

Exam #1

Chapters 1,2,3,4

Week 6

Chapter 6

Business-To-Business Marketing, pg. 186

Chapter 7

Serving Global Markets, Pg. 218

Week 7

Exam #2

Chapters 5,6,7

Chapter 8

Marketing Research, Decision Support Systems, and Sales Forecasting, Pg. 256

Chapter 9

Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning, Pg. 286

Week 8

Chapter 10

Relationship Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and One-to-One Marketing, Pg. 316

Week 9

Exam #3

Chapters 8,9,10

Chapter 11

Product and Service Strategies, Pg. 350

Week 10

Chapter 12

Category and Brand Management, Product Identification, and New-Product Development, Pg. 380

Week 11

Chapter 13

Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management, Pg. 414

Chapter 14

Direct Marketing and Marketing Resellers: Pg. 446

April 7-13


Week 12

Exam #4

Chapters 11,12,13,14

Chapter 15

Integrated Marketing Communications, Pg. 480

Week 13

Chapter 16

Advertising and Public Relations, Pg. 518

Week 14

Chapter 17

Personal Selling and Sales Promotion, Pg. 552

Week 15

Exam #5

Chapters 15,16,17


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