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Grading Scale and Policy


Point Value

Exam 1 (Chapters 1,2,3,4) 80 points
Exam 2 (Chapters 5,6,7,8) 80 points
Exam 3 (Chapters 9,12,13,14) 80 points
Exam 4 (Chapters 15,16,17) 60 points
Current Events (5 @ 5 pts) 25 points
Discussion Questions (30 DQ x 5 pts) 150 points
TOTAL POINTS 475 points

Grading Scale

A = 475 - 427  points (100% - 90%)

B = 426 - 380 points (89% - 80%)

C =  379 - 332 points (79% - 70%)

D =  331 - 285 points (69% - 60%)

F = (Below 285 points)

The Grading Scale above provides you with a clear picture of how your participation in each area of the course will impact your total grade. Please review each segment of the Grading Scale very carefully so that you will understand the importance of completing each assignment with the utmost diligence and within the designated time frame.


Each question is worth one (1) point.

Current Events

Each week you are required to visit the Advertising publications listed in the EXTERNAL LINKS under Sources Of Current News On Electronic Commerce. Or, your assignment may be to read an article from PowerWeb. You will find an explanation of the assignment each week in your Weekly folder. You are to find a current event about Advertising that you find particularly interesting. You will summarize the main points as outlined in the weekly folder and post it in the Discussion Board labeled This Week's Current Events.

Discussion Forums

After each chapter you are required to choose two (2) of the discussion question and provide an in depth answer to that question and post your answer in the Discussion Forum. More details are provided in the Weekly Assignment Folders.

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