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Course Number: MKG 271 Online

Course Title: Selling: Building Partnerships

Course Description:

First of all let's come to a common understanding of what we mean by partnering. In this course partnering is being viewed in the same light as salesmanship. Partnering or salesmanship is the act of creating a partnership. This viewpoint of salesmanship may very well strike you as being different from the present way you thought of salesmanship. Normally when we think of a salesperson, we think of someone who is trying to sell us something in exchange for money. That is the narrow definition of salesmanship. This course will offer you the opportunity to broaden your present view point salesmanship.

The dictionary defines partnering as the act of uniting or associating with another or others in an activity of common interest, such as: creating a business partnership; uniting with a person in a romantic or platonic relationship; having a dance partner, and so on. So, as you can see the skills of partnering go well beyond the arena of selling a product or service in exchange for money.

As your instructor it is important for you to know that I view salesmanship as the art of formulating strategies for creating highly successful, empowering, win-win relationships. This is basically the same idea that the textbook is expressing, with an emphasis on helping you to understand  how important partnering or salesmanship is to the success every relationship in your life.

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