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The purpose of this chart is to give you a single place to see the whole semester at a glance for chapter assignments, exam dates, and what chapters are covered by the exams. For a complete view of all the assignments due each week go to the Weekly folders under ASSIGNMENTS .




Chapter Topic

Week 1 Introduction Becoming familiar with the Blackboard 6 environment. Introduce yourself online. Meet your classmates online in the Cyber Lounge and Discussion Board.
Chapter 1 Introduction To The World Of Retailing
Week 2 Chapter 2 Types of Retailers
Week 3 Chapter 3 Multi-Channel Retailing
Week 4 Chapter 4 Customer Buying Behavior
Week 5 Chapter 5 Retail Market Strategy
Exam #1 Chapters 1,2,3,4
Week 6 Chapter 7 Retail Locations
Chapter 8 Retail Site Location
Week 7 Chapter 9 Human Resource Management
Week 8 Chapter 12 Managing Merchandise Assortments
Exam #2 Chapters 5,7,8,9
Week 9 Chapter 14 Buying Merchandise
Week 10 Chapter 15 Retail Pricing
Week 11 Chapter 16 Retail Communication Mix
Week 12 Chapter 17 Managing The Store
Exam #3 Chapters 12,14,15,16
Week 13 Chapter 18 Store Layout, Design, and Visual Merchandising
Week 14 Chapter 19 Customer Service
Week 15 Exam #4 Chapters 17,18,19


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