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Course Number: MKG 273 Online

Course Title: Retail Management; A Strategic Approach

Course Description

In this Retailing Management course we will focus on describing and examining the implications of the evolution of retailing into a global, high technology industry. Technological developments have affected the way consumers buy products and services and the way retailers run their business. A growing number of consumers now shop the world through the Internet. Sophisticated information systems turn purchase transactions into orders and eventual store deliveries ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time. Retailers use decision support systems to develop merchandise assortments, evaluate retail sites, schedule sales associates, and target promotions to customers.

The competitive landscape of the retail industry is going through a period of dramatic change. Electronic retailers with stock market capitalization greater than most store-based retail chains have emerged to satisfy the needs of these cybershoppers. Store-based retailers are expanding beyond their local markets to become global businesses. Innovative retail entrepreneurs are taking advantage of these new opportunities to build the next generation of industry giants. Traditional retailers must adapt or go out of business.

Our objective in this course is to explore, evaluate, and try to understand this exciting new way of doing business that is challenging and reweaving the very fabric of  the retail industry.

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