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Milledge Mosby


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I have been teaching at Prince George's Community College full time since 1983. My area of specialty is marketing, including:

I graduated from Adelphi University in 1969 with a BBA, and in 1972 with a MBA. My marketing training and experience was acquired during my employment with Xerox Corporation, and then IBM Corporation. 

In addition to my business experience with these and other major corporations, I have owned several small businesses. I still own and operate two small businesses. One not-for-profit and one profit business. This helps me to stay current and stay in touch with what is occurring in the real world of business. 

It is my belief that as an instructor I must take the time to get out of the textbook and into the real world to test the business theories I teach.

My approach to teaching is to help you discover and stimulate your natural entrepreneurial ability. To help you to discover that there is a power that exists within you that is far greater than anything that exists outside of you. 


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