Course Competencies
Online Marketing Course 

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Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an informed awareness of the importance of marketing in an industrialized society.

  2. Illustrate the importance of the behavioral science in relation to understanding the habits and motivations of the consumer as it relates to marketing.

  3. Use the Internet to explore and analyze successful marketers that are in the forefront of using technology to maximize their "exposure" and "reach."

  4. Realize that to be successful in the marketplace, producers must understand that customers drive the when, where, how, and why goods will be purchased. Therefore, we must understand what motivates customers.

  5. Illustrate what a market is, and the strategies used to segment them. Use the Internet to explore the use of demographics in the segmentation process.

  6. Comprehend integrated marketing communications and the importance of having marketing function as a integrated system within the firm, attempting to influence uncontrollable environments in the marketplace, such as competition, technology, the economy.

  7. Recognize that the total product is made up of many elements

  8. Illustrate how the product life cycle affects the development of new products and the management of existing products.

  9. Demonstrate the use of an example showing how new product planning and development is a necessary function to survive in today's dynamic marketplace.

  10. Illustrate that product classifications aid management in developing marketing strategies.

  11. Acknowledge that effective package design and branding are key factors in product marketing success.

  12. Describe the importance of pricing and various pricing policies and practices used within the channels of distribution.

  13. Explain the role of promotion in the marketing mix.

  14. Identify marketing distribution systems commonly used in the movement of goods from producers to users.

  15. Demonstrate an understanding that middlemen are vital links in the channels of distribution, connecting the producer with its customers.

  16. Describe the importance of retailing in the American economic system.

  17. Describe the components of a marketing information system and the role of marketing research within it.

  18. Appreciate the growing importance of international marketing in relation to the health of the American economic system. Use the Internet as a vehicle for gaining a broader understanding of cross-cultural barriers/differences in conducting international marketing.

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