Textbook & Software Requirements
For The
Online Marketing Class

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The text we will be using for this course is Contemporary Marketing, 12th edition, by Boone and Kurtz. This textbook represents the latest concepts in the field of marketing. You must purchase the textbook from the Prince George’s Community College Bookstore. This is the only way you will get all the extra material bundled with the textbook. Of special importance is the WebTutor password bundled in the textbook that you need to access the ASSIGNMENTS in Blackboard.

Bookstore hours are:
Mon.-Fri.: 8am -7pm
Sat: 8am - 1pm

Required Textbook:  

Title: Contemporary Marketing, 12 edition
Author: Boone and Kurtz
Publisher: Thomson - South-Western
ISBN: 0-324-23673-5

Required Hardware:

This may sound ridiculous, but from my experience it is worth saying: You must have an updated computer in good working condition. If you are having any problems with your computer have it repaired before starting this course. If your computer is not working you are, from an online perspective, absent from class.

Required Software:

You must be connected to the Internet and have Internet Explorer (Version 6 is recommended and can be downloaded from Windows Update)

You will need to have Microsoft Office 97 or higher installed on your computer, especially WORD.

Required Computer Skills

Because this course is on-line, you must have the following basic computer skills to be successful:

1- You must be familiar with Windows.
2- You must know how to use Microsoft Word.
3- You must know how to logon and use the Internet.
4- You must know how to send and receive email messages.
5- You must know how to send and receive email attachments.
6- You must know how to copy file from the hard drive to a floppy disk.
7- You must know how to copy files from a floppy disk to the hard drive.
8- You must know how to send information to a printer.

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