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Getting Organized!!               

1- One of the first things you want to do is purchase a three ring binder, a hole punch, and 17 subject dividers.

2- Label the first subject divider "Orientation Materials," and place the Welcome Letter, Get Organized, and Survival Tips in this section.

3- Label the second subject divider "Syllabus," and place the sections from the Course Syllabus in this section.

4- Label a subject divider for each week of the course: 
        Week 1-15.

5- Label a subject divider "Internet Field Trip Assignments."

6- Label a subject divider "Current Events Assignments."

7- Label a subject divider "Discussion Forums."


After you've read through the syllabus and other material, and got a glimpse of the big picture, you need to organize the practical details of identifying tasks to accomplish, setting up schedules and establishing the best time and place for going online and studying. The following are some web sites that will give you some suggestion for managing your time and your tasks:

A helpful place to visit to learn how to create Task List is: (

A helpful place to visit to learn about Time Scheduling is: ( (

A helpful place to visit for suggestions on When To Study, Where To Study, and How To Handle the Rest of the World: (

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