HISTORY TERM PROJECT: Due April 22, 2005 (A draft Bibliography is due April 8, 2005.)



Term Project Topic: ___________________________________________________________



Research and write a 2 4 page (12pt font, double spaced) descriptive paper on your project topic.


Your paper should outline the who, what, where, when and why regarding your topic and include the following elements:


  • Introduction: One (1) paragraph that introduces your topic- who or what are you going to tell me about. (10 points)


  • Body: multiple paragraphs discussing your topic. (30 points)


  • Conclusion: One (1) paragraph summary of your topic and your conclusions regarding the importance or your person or event. (10 points)


  • Footnotes: Sequentially numbered citation of your sources or quotes.[1] (25 points)


  • Bibliography: A list of the research sources you used to write your paper. This should be your last page. (A draft Bibliography is due April 8, 2005.) (25 points)


FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: This project will be graded on research and writing as well as citation (footnotes and bibliography) and your paper MUST following the format outlined above.


A note regarding SOURCES: Website will not be accepted as sources for this project: DO NOT USE WEBSITES! You are required to use at least 1 Journal Article, and 2 Books. You can use the full-text, on-line databases available through the PGCC Library. We will discuss these sources at the Library workshop.




Please email me KernsML@pgcc.edu or arrange a meeting during my office hours (M, W, F; 10-11:00 AM) if you need help with research, writing or citation.

[1] This is an example of a footnote.