The Unfinished Nation: Chapter 26 The New Deal


Chapter 26 Main Themes:

  1. The flurry of New Deal programs offered by FDR to combat the Depression, and how they played out in the realms of economic confidence, agriculture, industrial recovery, and regional planning.

  2. The critics on the right and left of New Deal policies, and how they inspired Roosevelt to launch what's referred to as the "Second New Deal."

  3. The challenges facing the New Deal after Roosevelt's landslide in 1936, particularly increasing conservative opposition, his own political blunders, and continuing hard times.

  4. The economic, political, and party legacies of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.



A thorough study of Chapter 26 should enable the student to understand:












Craft Union   The idea of organizing workers according to their skills, as exemplified by the member unions of the American Federation of Labor (AFL).


Industrial Unionism   Unionizing approach which argued that all workers in a particular industry should be organized in a single union, regardless of what functions the worker performed. This became the founding ideal of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).


Refinance   To renew or reorganize financing-- often achieved in a process whereby an existing loan or mortgage is paid off with the proceeds of a new loan secured by the same collateral. Refinancing is often undertaken to avoid foreclosure. The new loan is usually at a lower interest rate for a longer term and with lower payments.