The Unfinished Nation: Chapter 25: The Great Depression


Chapter 25 Main Themes:


  1. The economic and structural weaknesses underlying the apparent prosperity of the 1920s that led to the Great Depression, and how the stock market crash of 1929 touched it off.

  2. The effects of the economic pressures of the Depression on the American people, especially farmers, minorities, and women.

  3. The cultural milieu of the Depression Era as reflected in photography, radio, movies, books, and the Popular Front, and how the culture reflected both the escapist and populist tendencies of the time.

  4. The frustrations of Herbert Hoover's administration in dealing with the Depression, and how his inability to ameliorate hard times swept Franklin Delano Roosevelt into the presidency.



A thorough study of Chapter 25 should enable the student to understand:















"Underemployed"   Workers with jobs that are nevertheless experiencing major reductions in wages, hours, or both.


Bear Market   A situation in which stock market prices are falling and investors are pessimistic.


Bull Market   A situation in which stock market prices are rising and investors are optimistic about continued gains.