Letters of Recommendation

If you are requesting that I write a letter of recommendation for you, then please follow these instructions and fill out the appropriate information below. When you click on the "Submit" button, then an E-mail will be sent to me with the information you provided. If you have an E-mail address, then you will receive a confirmation E-mail. I will then prepare your letter as instructed.

Please provide me with the following information. Information marked with an asterisk (*) is required for completion of your letter.

If you are requesting letters of recommendation for more than one program, then please enter information for only one program at a time. Fill out additional forms for additional programs.
(This form was created with assistance from Lorna Gagneux in Instructional Technology Services.)

*1. Enter your name
(first name followed by last name).

*2. Select the type of program to which you are applying. Nursing
Respiratory Therapy
Graduate School
2a. If you selected "other" for the type of program, then please briefly describe the program.
*3. Provide me with the specific address for the program to which you are applying. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
University of Maryland School of Nursing
Howard University
Marymount University
3a. If you selected "other" for the specific address, then please fill in the Institution name and complete mailing address for the program.
*4. Do you have any forms that I need to complete? YES
4a. If you do have forms that I must complete, then you need to deliver them to me as soon as possible. If you cannot deliver them to me in person, then mail them to my campus address as shown on my home page. Be sure to fill out all information that needs to be filled out by you before you deliver the forms to me. This often involves signing a waiver to relinquish your right to view the letters. I cannot complete a letter of recommendation unless you have filled out your portion of the form. I recommend that you type your information. If you do not have access to a typewriter, then print as neatly as possible.
*5. By what date do you need the letter completed? If you do not have an exact date, then just enter something reasonable. Please give me at least one week to complete your letter! (Enter as month and date, e.g., June 20.)


*6. When I have completed the letter, what should I do with it? Mail the letter directly to the program to which you are applying
Deliver the letter to you on campus (e.g., at my office or in class)
Mail the letter to you
6a. If you want me to mail the letter to you, then please provide me with your mailing address.
7. Provide me with your E-mail address. If you have an E-mail address, then you will receive confirmation that your request has been sent to me.
7a. If you do not have an E-mail address, then please provide me with your telephone number so I can reach you with any questions.
8. If you have any experience in the field of study, then please briefly describe the experience. For example, if you are applying to a nursing program, and you have worked in a hospital, then please tell me about your experience at the hospital. This will help me to write a more personal letter.