Letters of Recommendation

This page is for my current and former students who would like a letter of recommendation from me. After you have read this page, you may click on the link below for a form that will ask you specific questions about the letter that you need. Please be sure to read the form carefully, and fill out all the appropriate information. Here are some important things to consider before you get started:

1. Have you been a student in one of my classes? If I have not had personal experience with you in the classroom, then I have no basis to evaluate you, and I will not write a letter. If you are in my class now, but have no or few grades so far, then I will probably decline to write a letter for you at this time.

2. Be honest with yourself about how well you did in my class. In general, if you were an "A" of "B" student, then I can write you a favorable letter. This is especially true if I got to know you well, your attendance in class was good, and I have some idea about your plans for the future. If you were a "C" student, then it is harder for me to write a very positive letter. Good attendance and some other factors may help. If you did not earn a grade of "C" or higher, than I will most likely decline to write a letter for you.

3. When you get letters of recommendation, try to get them from different kinds of people. In other words, if you are required to submit three letters, then try to avoid getting three letters from science instructors (unless you are specifically asked to do so). Consider getting one from a science instructor, one from an instructor outside of the sciences, and one from an employer.

4. Also, do the best you can to get letters from people who know you well. A letter from a teacher of a class where you got a B might be better than a letter from a teacher of a class where you got an A, if the first teacher knows you better and can write a more detailed letter. A letter that simply says, "Sara is a very bright student, and she got an A in my class," is not a very strong letter.

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