Associate Professor Leslie Wojciechowicz

Engineering Tech
Course FAQs

Fall 2005
Welcome Letter

Read this letter carefully.

Dear Mathematics Student,

Welcome to your mathematics course.  I hope you find this course interesting and use this as an opportunity to acquire another skill for your portfolio.  Because of the nature of this course, it is important that you respect and honor the views of your classmates.  

This semester runs from August 29 - December 18, 2005.

If you are taking an On-Line course, you may find that it requires more of your effort than a traditional setting because the course does NOT meet face-to-face. There is a required on-campus orientation and it is scheduled the evening of Thursday, August 22nd.  Please check for specific times in mid-August. Participation is strongly recommended.  Trips to campus are necessary initially to purchase your textbook and later to take announced tests and the final.  These tests will be taken in the Campus Assessment Center in Bladen 100.

If you are taking the course face-to face on campus, remember, attendance is a requirement.  Participation is strongly recommended to clarify concepts.   You can contact the bookstore on-line or go in person to purchase your textbook package. Tests (but not the final) are taken in the Campus Assessment Center in Bladen 100.

If  you have any questions or  problems, please feel free to call me (301-322-0461) or send me an email at  Since you are reading this on-line, you have already found my web page.

To get orientation materials and other relevant course information, from my web page, click on the "MATH" button and then the appropriate course number.

Course Materials:  
Courses 135, 136, 137:  You will be able to access course materials beginning
August 29, 2004. 
The URL for this course is:

You will need to register before you can access your online product for the first time.
To register, you need a valid email address,
the Course ID for your CourseCompass course (which I provide), and a student access code.  The registration process will provide a username and password.  If this is not your first course, use your old log-in information but you will still need to go through the registration process to enroll in the correct course.

Courses 104, 113, 134:  You will be able to access course materials beginning August 29, 2004.  The URL for this course is:
You will need a "My PGCC Account" to "Log In" if this is your first on-line course at Prince George's Community College.  If this is not your first course, use your old log-in information.

My PGCC Account:
Your Select the Create a My PGCC Account and follow the directions on screen.  You are already enrolled in the course so the account will give you access to blackboard.  Use this log-in for blackboard and for any open lab computer use on campus.

Blackboard 6.0:  
Our web course management system will be Blackboard 6.0. Although you cannot access the course materials site until August 29th, you can access information about Blackboard 6.0 and take a self-guided, self-paced tour:

1. Go to:

bulletFrom there, click on "Introducing Blackboard 6.0"

2. Next click on "Demo" under Infrastructure Products.
3. Then read the Demo page and click on "Click here to begin"
    Be sure that your speakers are on.  This will access the self-guided, self-paced tour
    of Blackboard 6.0

E-Mail Policy:  

Please use the following guidelines when sending e-mail to me.

1.  In the subject area, enter MAT and the course number and clearly identify the topic of your message.

2.  At the end of the message, sign the e-mail with your complete name.

3.  I will check my e-mail every business day (Monday through Friday).

4.  I will respond as soon as possible.  If your e-mail  is a quick question or
     comment, I will respond the same day.

Please send me an e-mail from the account that you will use for this course.  Send your e-mail to W  I will create an e-mail list for the class.

Have a great semester,

L. Wojciechowicz, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Prince George's Community College