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Fall 2004
SOC 102
Welcome Letter

Welcome WelcomeWelcomeWelcome    


Welcome to  Marriage 
     and the Family


    I am Dr. Holloman and I will be your Instructor for this course.  I am pleased that you have enrolled in this course and I am looking forward to an exciting semester as we explore vital issues related to dating, engagement, cohabiting, marriage, and a myriad of family dynamics.


                      Enjoy the course and have a great semester!!

 Because of the nature of this course, it is important that you respect and honor your views as well as the views of your peers.  

Read this letter carefully.

There is no required on-campus orientation  Please check for specific times by going to and clicking on the semester of your course.l

Course Materials

You will be able to access course the day of Distance Learning Online orientation.  The URL for this course is:
You will need a Username and Password to "Log In."

Your first initial and your last name, all in lower case letters.
For example, if your name were Jane Lawrence, your user name would be:     jlaw followed by your birthday expressed in two digits for the month and day.

Password:   Your Social Security number (no spaces and no hyphens) if you have not set up a different password i a different semester.

Other wise, if your social security number is 123-45-6789, then your initial
password is 123456789

Have a great semester,

Dr. Holloman, Professor of Sociology
Prince George's Community College