MGT160, Principles of Management

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Syllabus for Course Number, Course Title

The course requirements, relevant assignments and readings are outlined in the material that follows on this page.

COURSE DESCRIPTION    course description here

(NOTE:  You can simply cut and paste your own syllabus here (delete everything below BEFORE you do that). 

OR you can use what follows as a template and just fill in the sections as indicated (the links are already in place).  OR you can use most of what follows and cut sections or add them as needed (just remember to adjust the links as needed).


Required Books

You will need xxx book(s) for the course.  The titles of these books are

  1. Book One
  2. Book Two
  3. Book Three
  4. Others

 They are available at the College Bookstore. You may buy books in person or have them shipped to your home.   Contact the bookstore by phone, email or in person. 

Learning Objectives

Insert your learning objectives here

Course Policies

 Sample Course Policy from Dr. Steve Steele's Intro Soc class:

This is a distance learning course. As such, participants have a great amount of flexibility in completing the course. Persons enrolled in this section must complete all course requirements as outlined in the following section. However, in many cases the date and time on which material is completed and submitted will be determined by the participant. It is the responsibility of the course participant to schedule, complete and submit required course assignments. Likewise, participants are responsible for scheduling and completing the eleven course modules, the relevant reading for the course and understanding of associated exercises and tools. Material must be completed and submitted on or before the end of the term as defined by college policy and the professor. A final grade will be issued at the end of the term on the date required by the College.


Sample Assignment Policy from Dr. Steve Steele's Intro Soc class:

The course is divided into twenty modules. Each module includes a (1) check-in sight (you must check in every time that you enter a new module, a (2) set of topics and terms (core concepts for that module), (3) tasks (reading, and an internet assignment which is an exercise with applications which will help you understand the material) and (4) a tool box which will take you back to the basic problem analysis tools for the course. Required reading is assigned for each module. You should complete all reading, topics and tasks to be properly prepared for the course.


Course grades are measurements of the course objectives. As such they directly relate to the learning objectives stated above. To be successful in this course, you must:

Explain YOUR course requirements here. 


Your grade will be based on: