Essentials of Microbiology

A Recitation Supplement

Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.

    This text is a guide to concepts essential to the basic understanding of the science of Microbiology.  It is intentionally provided by the author to allow the user access to supplementary information to Microbiology 201, or as a means to facilitate learning.  All that is requested of the user is acknowledgement of the author, should any or all of this material be quoted or used for classroom or other purposes, and that it is not used for any unethical reason.  This material will be revised and updated as new information is gained, and as the author sees a necessity to do so. Terms in boldface type are are essential vocabulary which will appear on future examinations (see objectives for each chapter).


1.            History of Microbiology

2.            Basic Chemistry

3.            Classifying the Microbial World

4.            Cells and Cell Structure

5.            Growth and Enumeration of Bacteria

6.            Cellular Metabolism

7.            Genetics

8.            Gene Recombination and DNA Technology

9.            Viruses and Viral Replication

10.          Host-Parasite Relationships

11.          Human Defense against Infection

12.          Methods of Microbial Control

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