Microbiology 201

     We hope that the information presented here is useful not only to students enrolled in BIO 201 at Prince George's Community College, but also to anyone interested in this fascinating subject.

      The information presented here will be updated on a continuing basis.  Emphasis is not on entertainment, but rather as a source of information and enrichment.  Feedback and comments are very important to us, so feel free to e-mail these to microdoc@geocities.com.

  The images presented here were prepared in the Microbiology laboratory at Prince George's Community College by Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D. and Natalya Koval, Microbiology Technician. They can be downloaded free of charge for educational use.

Essentials of Microbiology: A Recitation Manual This is the current text of recitation topics for Microbiology 201. Interactive quizzes, critical thinking questions, and cooperative learning activities follow each topic.

Microorganisms used in Microbiology 201

  • Gram Positive Bacteria
  • Gram Negative Bacteria
  • Differential Staining Techniques: The Spore Stain and The Acid Fast Stain




  • Protists
  • Fungi
  • Helminth Worms



    The Morphological Unknown:  Staining Flowchart

    The Mixed Unknown: Flowchart


    Selective and Differential Agars for Gram-Negative Rods

    Colonial Characteristics of Selected Bacteria - Growth on Agar Plates

    Colonial Characteristics of Selected Bacteria - Growth on Slants and in Broths

    Links to Other Microbiology Websites (You must be connected to the internet to use these)

  • Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Homepage
  • University of Texas Biomedical Homepage
  • The Virtual Microbiology Library
  • The Big Picture Book of Viruses
  • The Active Learning Center- Interactive Testing/Self Grading Site for Microbiology.