Science Fair Software

On this page, you will find links to many web sites containing software you will need to perform your research and produce winning science fair projects.  All of the software on this page is free and available for download as of January, 2005.  Software is listed by category with a description of each program.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader - You'll need this to open and read many of the documents that come with software, as well as many of the articles you will find when doing a web-based internet literature search.

Office Software

You need good general office software to prepare your report.  If you do not have access to Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, these links will allow you to download excellent software for free:

Abi Word - A Microsoft Word-compatible word processor.

Open Office - Probably the best open-source office product available.  Includes Microsoft compatible word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software.  This is a very large file, so either download it using a broadband connection or expect to spend a very long time downloading with a dial-up.

Statistics Software

A winning science fair project requires good statistical analysis of the data gathered during experimentation.  These packages include most major forms of statistical analyses and graphing capabilities.  Remember to always reference the software and author in your Literature Cited page.  This gives the proper credit to the author(s) of the software package.

OS4 - Open Statistics version 4 - A full-featured package that will enable you to perform most major forms of statistics.  There is also a link to a free textbook on statistical analyses.  Download this text!

PAST - Paleontological Statistics - Allows you to perform statistical analyses as well as advanced ecological and cladistic analyses.  Be sure to download the manual and example files to learn how to use the software.

ViSTA - Visual Statistics - A visual, object-based statistical package.  Be sure to download documentation and plug-ins.

SSP - Smith's Statistical Package - A very useful, user-friendly statistical package.


Firebird - An open-source, powerful relational database.

Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox - One of the best web browsers available anywhere.  Firefox is the latest Mozilla build, blocks pop-ups and ads and features tabbed-browsing.

Image Editor

GIMP - Powerful image manipulation software similar to Adobe Photoshop.

Other Useful Software

Molecular Weight Solver

Periodic Table And Chemical Solutions Calculator

RJS Graph - Graphing and analysis software.

GraphCalc - A graphing and statistical analysis calculator.

Quick Measure - A tool for English to Metric conversions.

Science Fair Websites

International Science and Engineering Fair - This is the ISEF main page.

Prince George's County Regional Science Fair

All Science Fair Projects - A massive list of links to software and science fair related sites.

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