Chapter 5: Gene Regulation in Development

The Molecular Genetic Pathway

Extracellular Modification


Posttranslational Modifications

mRNA Turnover and Poly(A) Tail Shortening

mRNA Translation: Initiation, Elongation, Termination

Addition of 5' Cap and Poly(A) Tail

Degradation and Splicing of Pre-mRNA

Gene Transcription

DNA Rearrangements

Transposable Elements and Gene Rearrangement


Simple Switches in Salmonella, Trypanosomes, and Yeast

Antibody Diversity

Antibody Gene Rearrangement

Eukaryotic Promotors

Eukaryotic Enhancers

Alternative RNA Splicing

Drosophila and the Homeobox

Transgenic Studies

Table of Contents