Chapter 2  Questions in the Development of DNA Science

April 25, 1953

How Do We Account for the Diversity (and Similarity) of Species?

Carolus Linnaeus

Charles Darwin
Alfred Russell Wallace

How are Traits Passed from One Generation to the Next?

Gregor Mendel
Hugo de Vries
Carl Correns

Walter Sutton
Nettie Stevens
Edmund Wilson

Thomas Hunt Morgan

Barbara McClintock
Harriet Creighton

What is the Job of the Gene?

Archibald Garrod
George Wells Beadle
Edward Tatum

What Molecule is the Genetic Material?

Frederic Griffith

Oswald Avery
Colin Macleod
Maclyn McCarty

Molecular "Intelligence"

The Phage Group:
Max DelbrÜck
Salvador Luria
Alfred Hershey

The Blender Experiment
Alfred Hershey
Martha Chase