Life Science Institute 2000

On this trip to the National Arboretum, the teachers learned about herbs, their history, and many uses.

Teachers learned the importance of art to the life sciences and practiced improving their artistic abilities.

The teachers learned about plant structure and function, as well as plant diversity through hands-on laboratory experiences.

"That's a cell?"  In this lab, the teachers examined cell types, as well well as the function of eukaryote organelles and the way cells divide.

"Is it an animal or a plant? Or is it something else?"  The teachers learned about living things and the classifications to which they belong.

The teachers compared animal and plant cell types.

LSI 1999


The teachers toured the National Wildlife Visitor Center and attended a workshop on teaching wildlife ecology in elementary school.

At the National Arboretum, the teachers learned about pine tree identification and taking samples of plant data using a random stratified transect technique.

In the zoology workshop, the teachers studied the behavior of many invertebrates, including planarians, Daphnia, hydras, leeches, and earthworms.