The viral genome contains either DNA OR RNA, but not both.  While even the simplest bacterial cell has a genome composed of hundreds to thousands of genes, viruses contain very few.  The genetic information carried by a viral genome is only capable of providing what is necessary for replication, thus a virus is incapable of independent metabolic processes.

The types of viral genetic material can be:

Double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) - Poxviridae, Herpesviridae, Papillomaviridae, Polyomaviridae, Adenoviridae, some Hepadnaviridae (hepatitis B)

Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) - Reoviridae

Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) - Some Hepadnaviridae, Parvoviridae

Single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) - Arenaviridae, Astroviridae, Bunyaviridae, Calciviridae,  Coronaviridae, Filoviridae, Flaviviridae, Hepiviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae, Picornaviridae, Retroviridae, Rhabdoviridae, Togaviridae