Prince George’s Community College

HST132 Online(9490) – Early Modern & Modern Europe 

Fall, 2005

Instructor: Jon Rudd (301-322-0492,

Office:  Marlboro 2079 (Hours: MWF 10-11AM, MW 1-2PM)




     This course surveys the history of Europe and of Europe’s encounters with the rest of the world from the Renaissance to the end of the Cold War. Its theme is the investigation of those political, economic, and cultural developments that shaped and defined the modern Western world.




     A student who successfully completes this course will be able to:


--Describe the origins and development of the Renaissance.


--Outline the causes and evolution of European overseas exploration and conquest.


--Trace the course of Europe’s Reformation movements, the civil/religious conflicts associated with them, and the development of early modern European monarchies.


--Identify the most significant characteristics of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.


--Analyze Europe’s 18th century political conflicts and their role in ushering in an Age of Revolution.


--Discuss the origins and course of the French Revolution and of the post-1815 political settlement in Europe.


--Define nationalism and explain the success of the national unification movements in Germany and Italy.


--Describe the causes and characteristics of the Industrial Revolution and of European Socialism.


--Identify the reasons for nineteenth century Western imperialism.


--Analyze the origins and course of the two World Wars.


--Explain the emergence of totalitarianism in early twentieth-century Europe.


--Trace the causes and consequences of the Cold War.







--The required textbook is:  The West in the World: A Mid-Length Narrative History, Renaissance to Present (2nd ed.), by Dennis Sherman & Joyce Salisbury.



--Four non-cumulative hour exams, each worth 15 percent of the grade (there will be a review sheet posted before each exam). The fourth exam occurs during the exam week, but it is not a final and it counts the same as the other three. All makeup exams will be given in the Campus Assessment Center during the last week before exam week.  There will be no makeup for the fourth exam.


--Two 3-4 page writing assignments, each worth 20-percent of your grade. for further information, click on Assignments.


--Failure to take any of the exams or to turn in the writing assignments means an automatic “F” for the course.


--"The college is an institution of higher learning that holds academic integrity as its highest principle. In the pursuit of knowledge, the college community expects that all students, faculty, and staff will share responsibility for adhering to the values of honesty and unquestionable integrity. To support a community committed to academic achievement and scholarship, the Code of Academic Integrity advances the principle of honest representation in the work that is produced by students seeking to engage fully in the learning process." - from the Code of Conduct, Title 6, 2, C - Academic Integrity.  It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the Code of Academic Integrity (see the College website or the Student Handbook).



Week #1(8/29-9/5)-The Renaissance. Text: 332-63. 

Week #2(9/5-9/12-The Reformation Era. Text: 363-91.

Week #3(9/12-9/19)-Struggle for Stability.Text: 391-401.

Week #4(9/19-9/26)-Expanding Europe. Text: 408-36.

Week #5(9/26-10/3)-EXAM #1.(Weeks 1-4); Power & Stability: European Monarchies. Text: 444-73.

Week #6(10/3-10/10)-Science & Enlightenment. Text:484-507.

Week #7(10/10-10/17)-Dynasties Under Stress. Text: 516-33, 545-47. 


Week #8(10/17/10/24)-A Revolutionary Age. Text: 554-581.

Week #9(10/24-10/31)-EXAM #2(Weeks 5-8); Economic & Social Transformation. Text: 580-609.

Week #10(10/31-11/7)-An Age of Ideologies. Text: 620-647.

Week #11(11/7-11/14)-Nationalism & Imperialism. Text:

654-660, 662-670, 676-701, 706-14.

Week #12(11/14-11/21)-EXAM #3(Weeks 9-11);The Road to Armageddon. Text: 738-62. 

Week #13(11/21-11/28)-Peace, Depression, & Dictatorship. Text: 770-790.

Week #14(11/28-12/5)-Eclipse of Europe. Text: 790-822.

Week #15(12/5-12/12)-MAKEUP EXAMS.Cold War & Imperial Sunset. Text: 822-31.



12/10-12/18: EXAM #4(Weeks 12-15).