Dear Distance Learner,


Welcome to HST 131, otherwise known as Ancient & Medieval History.

        This letter replaces an in-class orientation session.  I've found after several years of teaching online courses that there's nothing I can say in an orientation session that can't be said in a brief letter. So here a few pointers to help you get started and to avoid some of the more obvious pitfalls.  

--Read the syllabus carefully and make sure you've digested everything in it.

--For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Campus Assessment Center, find out where it is (Bladen 100).

--Be sure to check those dates for exams and writing assignment deadlines.  They're like the objects in your rear-view mirror: closer than they appear.

--Don't hesitate to COMMUNICATE if you have any questions or issues concerning the course.  In an online course people who don't communicate have a tendency to slip off the instructor's radar screen and disappear. 

--Check the course main page at least a couple of times a week.  Schedule or format changes can happen.

--Better to get in touch with me by fax or email rather than by phone.  You'll get a quicker response that way. 

        That's about it as far as basic orientation is concerned.  I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I think most of your questions can be dealt with by consulting the course syllabus.  Enjoy!



Jon Rudd