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Joan MacDonnell Spring 1999

English 102 Composition II: Introduction Literature

Off ice M305 9 Writing Office M- 3072

Office Hours: 5:00-5:30 aafb in classroom

Text: Kirzsner & Mandell. Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing. 3rded.

Harcourt Brace, 199'7.

Handbook: either Hacker's Bedford Handbook or Krarner's Prentice Hall Handbook.

Course Objectives:

Using literature as the text, subject, or stimulus for discussion and writing,

students will further develop their writing skills as well as strengthen

their ability to understand, appreciate, and enjoy literature. Students

meeting the course objectives will demonstrate the ability to focus in an

organized manner on complex theses in outlines, paragraphs, and essays,

supporting these theses fully and logically with information cited from

sources (primary and secondary), using standard grammar, punctuation, and



Papers 60%

Journal Entries 20%

Participation; tests 20%

Journal Entries:

Every assignment labeled "JE" requires that you write a paragraph or two

as necessary to answer the question labeled "Journal Entry" following a

literary selection. The journal entry (JE) is due during the class for which

the selection is assigned. (See syllabus) When I return them to you, thev

will have checkmarks indicating that you submitted them. I will put a

checknark in my gradebook for each JE submitted ON TIME. I may or may not

put comments on them. Revise your three best journal entries for a grade.

They will be graded for content, organization, and grammar. Due WEEK



The three assigned papers will not be accepted late except in the rare

case of an emergency. Any-such emergency must be discussed with me in


Literature Selections:

Come prepared to DISCUSS assigned literature.