Follow these instructions. Write:


1.    A number between 1 to 200: ___________

2.    A number from 1 to 3: _________________

3.    An amount of money between $80,000 and $10,000,000:___________________________

4.    A number from 50 to 10,000:____________

5.    A number from 0 to 50:_________________

6.    A number from 1 to 10:_________________

7.    A number from 1 to 5:__________________

8.    Another number from 1 to 5:____________



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1)  The size of the island: _____ square miles.

2)The number of beautiful mountains on the island:___

3)The price of the island:$____________

4)The distance of the island from civilization: ______miles

5)The number of volcanoes on the island: ____

6)The number of beaches on the island:______

7)The climate (1=very cold, 2=cold, 3=warm,4=very warm, 5=hot!):____

8)The house you will live in (1=very luxurious, 2=less luxurious,3=average,4=uncomfortable, 5= very uncomfortable!)


Now, working with a partner, write sentences comparing your two islands.  Together choose the island you like better.