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Adjective Clauses (explanation and exercises) (quiz)



Articles (explanation and non-interactive exercise) (instruction on how to use articles) (interactive article quiz) (interactive quiz) (explanation and quiz)


Comparatives/Superlatives - quiz for comparative/superlative - quiz for comparative/superlative


Count/Non Count Nouns - count/non-count noun exercises (non-interactive) - count/non-count exercise (interactive) - count/non-count exercise (interactive) - count/non-count activity (interactive)


Conjunctions - correlative conjunctions activity - conjunctions

correlative conjunction activities and explanation - correlative conjunctions




Parallelism Practice Activities - OWL at Perdue ESL resource - parallelism quiz - explanation and two quizzes - parallelism exercise (go here for more: - practice exercise


Passive/Active Voice - passive/active - passive/active activity -passive/active activity - passive/active activity active/passive activity - active/passive



Possessive Pronouns - possessive adjectives quiz (interactive) - possesive adjectives quiz


Prepositions - prepositions quiz - prepositions quiz - preposition quiz (in, on, at) - preposition quiz (in-at location) - preposition (direction) explanation with exercise - preposition explanation (location ) with exercise


Pronouns - pronoun quiz - explanation - explanation and activity - quiz - handout - quiz



Sentence Types - quiz about identifying sentence types - quiz for identifying sentence type


Sentences: Run-ons, Comma Splices - run-on and comma splice practice - run-on sentence practice - run-on sentence practice run-on sentence practice (not interactive) run-on sentence practice (not interactive) comma splice practice (not interactive) comma splice practice (not interactive)


Subject Verb Agreement - S/V handout and explanation - quiz on SV agreement - quiz on S/V agreement



Word Choice/ Conjunctions (interactive quiz - word choice/conjunctions)


Words Easily Confused (list) (various quizzes)



Word Forms (interactive quiz) (quiz) (quiz) (advanced word list) (quiz) (quiz)



Various - variety of grammar quizzes for S/V, connectors, punctuation - variety of activities and explanations - a review of problematic English grammar areas (with terminology, definitions and examples) (apparently created for native speakers, but may be useful for non-native speakers) - grammar practice in a variety of language structures verb forms, adverbs, adjectives, comparatives/superlatives. (comma splices, run-ons clauses, word choice, SV agreement, pronouns)