03/31/2009 09:22 AM -0500

Important Notes 1. Work on project 5. New Data Div., couts, math, etc.
2. Test Wednesday and Thursday.
3. Link to get a compiler for home.   TurboC++4.5
4. For the test, study Ascii and EBCDIC, the 6 tokens, escape sequences.  



Project  1 base P2 math-cin-wh switch sort function Library Functions
Project  2 Layout p2-logic autodata.txt sort example Flowcharting
Project  3 Data Dictionary P2-Pseudocode autodata fields ASCII Keys Obit.
Project  4 Data Types compdata.txt math 1 cout-ruler Plaque
Project  5 cout-1 Text File math 2 cout-data Margo
Project  6 cout-2 if  statement math 3 enum Student Handout
Day 1 cin  handout functions


InstallC++ data
A Handout cin-while functions-2 math 4 p6a TERPS
B Handout cout-3 functions-3 Loops k Faculty Picture
7 steps Project Hand In function example 1 dim table k1 rep