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Hello and Welcome to

Personal and Community Health

HLE 115---Online!

 I am looking forward to this semester's section of Personal and Community Health - Online.  There are some helpful preparations you can do immediately to ensure that your  voyage is as smooth as possible.  We may (will) encounter problems along the way, but... if we communicate we will all finish at the right place , at the right time.

You are in charge and I am here to facilitate the learning process.   I 
have developed the course into modules that will help keep materials organized , and activities to keep you motivated. You will be teaching yourself, but I and your classmates, and many other resources are available when you need it.

You must decide how much time you are willing to invest in this course.  In general, the college recommends that for each hour in class (45 hours) there should be 2 hours per week of homework. With this guide in mind, I planned for 2-3 hours per week . You must have time -- or make time -- for this class. If it becomes clear that assignments are taking longer, tell me immediately and I will consider alternatives. 

The good part is that you can work at pretty much on your own schedule. Interaction with your "online allies" keeps you connected, and is open 24 hours , 7 days a week.  When you need help let me know.  Hopefully, I will be your first choice as a resource.  I will give due dates for assignments, quizzes and exams.  These dates are important if you wish to develop a consistent, and successful learning experience.

Let's get started!

1.  You must be organized.   Each week you must complete the chapter assignments in the Assignments  section of Blackboard.
2.  Read "Survival Tips for Online Students" to give you an idea of what is expected of an online student.
3.  The orientation letter has important information for you. 

4.  Read the Syllabus for this course.
5.  Revi
ew the  Important Class Dates.

After you are able to logon to the course in the Blackboard System in August,  you will be able to complete the following tasks.

6.  To get started with the course, click on "Assignments" in  the frame at the left of the Blackboard screen.  
7.  In the "Week One Assignments..." folder, you will find instructions about editing your personal information to include your preferred email address.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you change your email so I will be able to contact you.

Good Luck and Success to All of You!