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The course requirements, relevant assignments and readings are outlined in the material that follows on this page.


Iva Toler


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 Semester Dates

This course runs from August 26 - Dec 6 

  Finals begin Dec 9 -  15, 2002

Finals must be proctored.  Students may use the PGCC testing center or make arrangements at the  closest testing facility.


Understanding Your Health, 7th Ed

Payne, Hahn

Course Objectives

This course considers critical issues relating to an individual's personal health and society.  Special emphasis is placed on healthy lifestyles, nutrition, emotional health, human sexuality, degenerative diseases, various drugs, consumer problems, and healthy relationships. 

Class Format

This course consists of 7 modules covering an orientation and 15 chapters.  Each module consists of an Overview, Terminology, Objectives, Assignment or Exam.  There  will be one  individual project.


This is a points accumulated grading system.  Any changes to this syllabus will be reflected in total points accumulated.
Points are approximate

Exams: 1 

Module Exams will be limited by time.  You will have one(1) hour to take an exam.

FINAL: Comprehensive
*REMEMBER: The Final must be proctored.




Quiz:   Per Each Chapter (12)
Approx 20 - 25 points each
Assignments: 3 (3X10)  30
Chats for participation (3)

Group Project

Family Tree ( Individual Project)

30 pts

25 pts

25 pts

Total Possible Points

90% of Total Points
80% of Total Points
70 % of Total Points
60 % of Total Points
50 % of Total Points (insufficient time and work)



LATE WORK Problems will and do arise. If you are unable to complete an assignment or take an exam (etc), follow the e-mail policy and make a request with reason  before the due date.

If an Exam or assignment is submitted late, the penalty is 20% off the grade of that assignment.  Pay close attention to dates and if an assignment is on a time constraint.
Extra Credit This course offers a variety of ways to obtain extra credit. Extra credit due dates are not negotiable.  Work must be submitted on time or before due date. See Extra Credit Folder for  information and format of assignments.

Course Objectives and Expected Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    Comprehend five principle factors that determine good health.

    Define and identify the ten leading causes of death.

    Comprehend the causes and signals of 5 major health problems.

    Analyze and evaluate programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.

    Investigate and modify programs, apply them to their lifestyle and upon completion of this course evaluate for future use.

    Synthesis health information from a variety of sources, using computer technology.


August 26 Orientation , Defining Health and Wellness
September 3 Unit 1, The Mind
September 24 Unit 2 , The Body
October 15 Unit 3,  Unhealthy Lifestyles, Addictions
November 5 Unit 4 ,Diseases - Risks, Prevention, Healthy Lifestyles, Causes of Death.
November 26 Unit 5, Relationships
December 3 - 6 Finish and submit quizzes, exams, etc.