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English 213

Spring 1999


Reading Requirements

These selections are to be read before coming to class, and you are expected to read the biographical information on each author. These assignments may be adjusted throughout the semester.

Week One

Overview of the course, expectations, attendance policy, and other pertinent information

Call For Deliverance: The Oral Tradition, Origins

Some historical background on Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali – griot, oral tradition….

Week Two

Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali - Preface and up to p38; Liggins 35-36

Finish book

Week Three Call for Deliverance

Quiz on Sundiata

Discuss Requirements for Paper #1

Proverbs, Folk Cry, The Shout, Work Songs, etc. - pp28-36; Praise Poems, Sermons and Prayers, pp44-53; Folk Tales, pp59, "Why the Hare Runs Away", p60; "Tar Baby" p63

Week Four Response: Black Literary Declarations of Independence

Jupiter Hammon, bio only; Lucy Terry, "Bars Fight" pp90-91; Phyllis Wheatley, "On Being Brought from Africa…", "To the University of Cambridge…"

Olaudah Equiano, chapters1, 2, and letter to the queen, p153

Week Five Southern Folks Call for Resistance; Northern Literary Response

Folk Poetry p235; Spirituals—"Steal Away", "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", "Wade in nuh Watuh Childun" (CD selection); David Walker – all selections pp245-257

Paper #1 due

Sojourner Truth, PP258-264 (CD selection)

Handout - Declaration of Independence

Week Six

Frederick Douglass, p272 "The Rights of Women" p319, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July" p320;

Discuss Paper #2

Frances Watkins Harper, "The Slave Auction", "The Slave Mother", "A Double Standard"; George Moses Horton, "The Slave’s Complaint", "On Hearing of the Intention of a Gentleman to Purchase the Poet’s Freedom"

Week Seven

Nat Turner, "The Confessions of Nat Turner"

Discuss Research Project and Midterm

Harriet A. Jacobs, pp435, Chapters I, VI, VII, XVII, XXX

Week Eight

Martin Delaney, "America Colonization", Our Elevation in the United States", "Means of Elevation", Emigration of the Colored People of the United States"


Week Nine

Paper #2 due; Discuss Oral Presentation

Charlotte L. Forten Grimké, From The Journal of Charlotte Grimké

Week Ten

William Wells Brown, all selections

Harriet E. Adams Wilson, all selections

Call For The Ideal Freedom: The Folk Tradition, pp534-542; "My Lord What a Morning", "Deep River", "When The Saints Go Marching In", "John Henry", "Stagolee"; Rural Blues p569, Ragtime p573, Folk Sermon p574

Week Eleven Response: The Written Tradition

Charles Chestnutt, all selections

Paul Lawrence Dunbar, "When Malindy Sings" (CD selection), "Sympathy", "We Wear the Mask", "The Poet"

Finish week eleven discussions

Sign up for conference

Week Twelve

No formal class: individual conferences to discuss oral presentation and final paper

Last Day to Withdraw

Week Thirteen

Booker T. Washington, "The Atlanta Exposition Address" (CD selection)

W.E.B. Du Bois, Chapter III. "Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others", "The Immediate Program of the American Negro"

Folk Call for Political and Social Change Blues p797; Jazz p806; Toasts, p813; folktales ( CD selections for all)

Research Project Due

Week Fourteen

Oral presentations

Oral presentations

Week Fifteen

Exam Week

Grade Tracking Sheet Name ______________________________

English 213

Possible points Your score

Paper #1 150 ____________

Paper #2 150 ____________

Research project 200 ____________

Oral presentation 100 ____________

Midterm exam 100 ____________

Final exam 100 ____________

Quiz/Assignment 50 ____________

Quiz/Assignment 50 ____________

Quiz/Assignment 50 ____________

Quiz/Assignment 50 ____________

Extra credit 10 ____________

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