Math 221 Statistics
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Math 221 Statistics

A detailed list of assignments and due dates can be found on the Blackboard site.

Testing:          In order to give you indications about your mastery of the material, I have decided to administer four tests and a final exam throughout the course. These will be administered in the testing center at the college.

 Homework:     By your doing homework exercises you will learn this material. It is especially  important that you spend time practicing how to use EXCEL.

Quizzes:         There will be a number of quizzes throughout the semester. They are of the multiple choice short answer variety and will be administered through the Blackboard site.

EXCEL Component:  This course will use the spreadsheet program EXCEL to demonstrate statistical ideas and manipulate datasets provided in the text. You can use any installation of EXCEL that you have access to but if you can't find access off campus you will need to come on campus and access the program on any student workstation throughout the college

 Assigned EXCEL Exercises:            You will be required to complete investigations into statistical topics using EXCEL. The assignments will cover topics within the text and consist of a number of questions to investigate related to the topic. To complete the assignment you will need to write a report in WORD on your findings which will include the work done in EXCEL.  The final document will be droped to me using the digital drop box. Please note the investigations can not be done without using EXCEL.

Final Exam:    The final exam will be comprehensive and be in the testing center for about one week during the scheduled final exam period.