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Goedele Gulikers


Department of Language Studies
Prince George’s Community College, Largo, MD  


°   Rhode Island College, Providence, RI    
   M.Ed., Teaching English as a Second Language  


°   Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia  

International Fellowship
Belgian National Post-graduate Fellowship for Russian language, literature, and culture  


°   University of Gent, Belgium  
Teaching Certificate, Russian language and literature for Sec. Ed.
M.A., Slavic Philology  (Magna cum laude)  



°   Prince George’s Community College, Largo, MD

2001 - present


Department of Language Studies, Professor


°   Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD

1998 - 2001


Integrated Reading and ESL Program, ESL Curriculum Coordinator


°   University of Maryland, College Park, MD

1996 - 1998


Maryland English Institute, lecturer in IEP


°   Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA



English Language Center, instructor in IEP

1990 – 1996


English Department, coordinator MATESOL practicum                         

1994 - 1995


Foreign Languages Department, lecturer in Russian

1990 – 1992

°   Norfolk Academy, Norfolk, VA, coordinator FL School

1991 - 1992

°   Hebrew Academy, Virginia Beach, VA, K-6 ESL teacher

1990 - 1991

°   Rhode Island College. Providence, RI, admissions office

1989 – 1990

°   Anglo-American School of Moscow, Russia, K-9 foreign language teacher

1983 - 1988



english as a second language

°   Teaching – Prince George’s Community College

2001 - present

  °   ESL - all levels, all skills
°   French - 101, 102, 201, 202
°   Teaching – University of Maryland; Old Dominion University

1990 – 1998

  °   Intensive Programs: all levels, all skills
°   University Bridge Program: Skills Focus for Art History, Computer Science, English
°   Teaching with Technology: Language Lab (multimedia); Use of Video; Word processing; Desktop Publishing (lay-out and graphics); E-mail; HTML; Web Chat
°   Elective Classes: TOEFL prep; News for You; Student Newsletter; Idioms
°   Curriculum Development – Anne Arundel Community College

1998 – 2001

  °   Adult Ed. Basic Skills, Adult Ed. Professional Skills, Workplace ESL
°   Higher Ed. academic preparation
°   Elementary level teaching – Hebrew Academy

1990 – 1991

  °   Pull-out program for new Russian immigrant children  

russian language and literature

°   University level: Russian 101-102; Overview of 19th and 20th century literature

1991 – 1992

°   K-12: Russian language and culture in International School

1983 - 1988



°   Curriculum Coordinator, ESL Adult Ed. and Higher Ed. Programs,
Anne Arundel Community College

1998 – 2001


°   Special Programs Coordinator for international students, teachers, businessmen

1993 – 1995

°   Coordinator, MATESOL Practicum
           Supervising  and Training Graduate Students with their Teaching Practicum

1994 – 1995

°    Language Lab Director/ Lab Evaluator for New Multimedia Lab (ODU)
           Language Lab liaison for English Language Center

1990 – 1992
1992 – 1995

°    Coordinator, School of Foreign Languages, Norfolk Academy

1992 - 1993


°     (with B. Brady) Enhancing the TESOL MA Practicum Course for Nonnative English Speaking Student Teachers.
in Learning and Teaching from Experience: Perspectives on Nonnative English-Speaking Professionals , ed. Lia D. Kamhi-Stein (University of Michigan Press, 2004), pp. 206-229.

°     (with M. Massey and B. Swartz) Standardizing Generation 1.5 Programs in Maryland.                                                                  
PGCC Instructional Forum , Volume 19.3, Sp. 2004, pp. 17-19.

°     (with K. Flynn) Issues in hiring Nonnative English Speaking professionals to teach English as a Second Language. 
in The CATESOL Journal, Volume 13.1, 2001, pp. 151-160

from Dutch into English

°      (with R. Fradkin) The C.H. van Schooneveld Collection in Leiden University Library.
               by Jan Paul Hinrichs (Leiden University Library, 2001) 183 pages.



°   Standardizing Generation 1.5 Programs in the Metropolitan Area

Apr. 2005

  PGCC, Colloquium for Maryland Community College ESL programs  

°   Standardizing Generation 1.5 Programs in the Metropolitan Area

Feb. 2004

PGCC, Colloquium for Maryland Community College ESL programs   
°         WIDS Implementation

Feb. 2001

AACC, Arnold, MD
°     Meaningful Technology in a low-tech Environment.

April 2000

UMBC, English Language Institute, Workshop for Egyptian educators.
°     Enticing the Shy Student to Talk.

May 1998

Learning Assistance Services, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
°    Working with ESL Students in your Classroom: Suggestions and AACC Resources.

Aug. 1999

Anne Arundel Community College, Faculty Development
°     Using the Language Lab effectively.

April 1993

ELC, Faculty Development Workshop
°     E-mail workshop for teachers and graduate students of TESOL.

Feb. 1992

English Language Center, Old Dominion University


°          Generation 1.5 Issues in Maryland.

Oct. 2004

  Invited Lecture at The College of Notre Dame, Baltimore  

°          Current Generation 1.5 Approaches at Regional Community Colleges.

Nov. 1,  2003

Maryland TESOL Fall Conference, College of Notre Dame, Baltimore

°          I will never get that award!

Nov. 1,  2003

Maryland TESOL Fall Conference, College of Notre Dame, Baltimore
°          Working with ESL Students in your Classroom: Suggestions and AACC Resources.

March 2001

Anne Arundel Community College, Allied Health Department
°     Integrated ESL Services in a Community College. (with L. Weidner)

May 2000

Maryland Community College Association for Continuing Education and Training
°     Issues in Hiring Non-native English Speaking Educators.

March 2000

Colloquium: Nonnative English Speaking Educators’ Perspectives on Teacher Education. (with N. Amin, G. Braine, L. Kamhi-Stein, A. Matsuda, A. Pron)
TESOL Annual Convention, Vancouver, Canada

°     Colloquium: Making the Most of Existing Technology while Planning for the Millennium. (with S. Avendano, S. Barnhardt, B. Bickel, J. Fanara)

Nov. 1999

Maryland TESOL Conference

°     Colloquium: English for the Global Village: Opportunities  and Challenge for Intensive English. (with B. Bickel, B. Mackey, S. Rose, D. Wormuth)

Nov. 1999

Maryland TESOL Conference
°     Meaningful Computer Activities for Adult ESL.

May 1999

MAACCE Conference, Timonium, MD
°     Creating a Professional Development Group. (with M. Ahmad, H. Gray, J.        Kevorkian, E. Kling, S. Widmayer)

Oct. 1997

BATESOL Conference
°     Surfing the Internet successfully: Choosing the perfect wetsuit.

March 1996

TESOL Annual Convention, Chicago
°     Using Internet Resources to Teach Independence and Empowerment.

Nov. 1995

WATESOL Conference
°     Surfing the Internet: Crests and Wipe Outs. (with K. Reed)

Feb. 1995

Carolina TESOL Conference
°     Tesl-l and other technology for ESL students and teachers.

April 1993

SOVATESOL Conference
°     Overview of Russian cultural and linguistic differences for ESL teachers. 

Oct. 1990

SOVATESOL Conference



°     Proficient in:     Dutch (native), English, Russian, French, German

°     Knowledge of:    Italian, Hebrew, Spanish

Computer Skills

°     Familiar with both Macintosh and IBM platforms:

Microsoft Office: word processing, database and spreadsheet management, PowerPoint, FrontPage.

°     Knowledge of the Internet and Electronic Mail:
E-mail, Reflectors, Listservs, Search Engines, HTML, Web Chat, Blackboard


°     Maryland TESOL

- Past President
- President
- First Vice-President
- Conference Co-chair
- Second Vice-President

Nov. 2000

- Conference Chair
- Conference Co-chair
- Conference Registration
- Newsletter: Author of WHATECHN-L Technology column

Fall '98
Fall '97
Fall '96, Spring '97
Fall '96-Spring ‘98

°     Committee Work:

1990 - present

- (PGCC) International Student Center; Middle States Evaluations; Mentoring Program;

- (AACC) Coordinating Council for Student Success Initiatives; DATATEL Committee; WIDS Implementation Team; Search Committees

- (UMD) ITA Committee; Curriculum Committee; Speaking Partners Committee; ITA Video Committee; Foreign Language Instruction Committee

- (ODU) Hiring Committee for Assistant Director; Software and Language Tapes Review Committee; Adjunct Staff Review Committee;

°     Russian Folklore and Ukrainian Pysanky Workshops

- Duke University Russian Studies Center, Durham, NC
Outreach Program for North Carolina Social Studies Teachers

March '97

- Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
                       Mornings with Professors Series
                       Continuing Education Courses

Fall '93
Spring '92, '93, '94