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Ukrainian Folk Art Eggs


These wonderful hand-drawn designs on fresh eggs have been a timeless tradition in Ukraine.

Here are some of my collection:


The pysanky are made using a wax-resist dyeing technique. The hot beeswax is applied to the fresh egg using a special writing tool: the kistka. After drawing the initial lines on the egg with wax, the egg is dipped in a dye bath. Alternating applications of wax and dye baths result in the complicated patterns, which are revealed only at the end of the process when the wax is removed.

Take a look at the successive stages of a simple design :

Stage 1                Stage 2            Stage 3            Stage 4

Stage 1         Stage 2     Stage 3        Stage 4

Stage 5            Stage 6

Stage 5     Stage 6


Top Web Sites on Pysanky.

1.    How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

A great page with simple explanations and great pictures.

2. Southern Arizona Folk Arts – Pysanky

Contains details about this complex Ukrainian Easter egg making art form. http://dizzy.library.arizona.edu/images/folkarts/pysanky.html

3.       Ukrainian Gift Shop

This family-owned business offers supplies for creating Pysanky, traditional Ukrainian  Easter eggs. Learn the meaning of common symbols and designs.