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Interesting sites for ESL students

    Grammar and Writing


    Pronunciation and Spelling

    Combined Skills


Help with Grammar and Writing

Writing and Grammar Center at PGCC
Use this information to your advantage. 
Sign up for a tutoring session if you need help.


Guide toGrammar and Writing 
Everything you need to know about grammar and writing!


Online Writing Lab: OWL
Try out the exercises!


Grammar Slammer
An online grammar handbook.


Exercise Central
Try grammar and mechanics quizzes and get instant results!


The LinguaCenter Grammar Safari
Try out some fun grammar exercises.

An Interesting Reading Assignment

Comenius English Language Center
Check out the Idioms and Fables.
Access the useful links for ESL students.


Sounds of English
Best site for all your pronunciation needs.


ESLDesk Spelling
Some quizzes to practice particularly sticky spelling points.

To Practice all your skills

Dave's ESL Cafe
A great site with many resources. 
This cool page can keep you busy for many hours


Interesting Things for ESL Students
Another site with a ton of exercises.


Self-study quizzes for ESL students

Who said language learning couldn't be fun?

Frizzy University Network

Linguistic Funland TESL

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