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A Construction Management Continuing Education Certificate has been developed to meet the needs of the construction industry.  The curriculum was developed by members of the Construction Education Committee, all of whom are recognized industry leaders.  Course instructors, who work daily in the construction industry, have been carefully selected according to their particular fields of expertise.

Curriculum consists of five required core courses and two additional courses that are offered to enhance the student's background. To meet course prerequisites, the required core courses are:  

1st (Can be taken in any order)

Construction Management I
Print Reading
Methods and Materials


Planning & Scheduling



Two courses may be selected from the list of additional courses.  Some of the core courses may be taken concurrently .  Prerequisites for some courses may be satisfied by examination or permission of the instructor.  Call 301-341-3075 for additional information.

Students are expected to have achieved basic construction math competencies before registering for Estimating.  These competencies include basic computation skills, fractions, decimals, percentages, and conversion as they apply to construction.  Students may satisfy the math requirement by successfully completing Construction Math (18 hours) or equivalent coursework.