Online Career/Life Planning Courses for Home Schooled Teens

Is your teen confused about the future?  Is he or she pondering the question, "What should I do with my life?"  If so, consider one or all of these short online courses which help youth to ponder these big questions and get started on academic/career plans that suits their needs.

Course #1 - Taking Stock
Through online readings, research, and exercises you will learn how to uncover your interests, values, skills, abilities, personality traits and preferred work environments.  Then, using this information, you will generate a list of careers that match your preferences.

This course will be offered Fall, 2003.  Dates to be determined.

Course #2 - Explore Your World
In this course you will learn how to effectively research career options through traditional resources, audio-visual materials and the best the web has to offer.  You will also gain a hands-on perspective through informational interviews and personal contacts.

This course will be offered Fall, 2003.  Dates to be determined.

In both courses students will submit exercises for feedback and have the opportunity to engage in discussions and chats with their classmates.

Future Courses

Course #3 - Get a Game Plan
Researching college and advanced training options can be overwhelming.  Learn the best strategies to gather necessary information.  Then, take charge of your future by learning the techniques to set realistic academic and career goals, manage your time effectively, and stay motivated through those teen years.

Course #4 - Start Your Journey
As a home schooler you have the flexibility to participate in many hands-on learning opportunities, such as internships, job shadowing and/or part-time work.  Learn how to identify prospective work sites, negotiate the admission process and finance your dreams.